Brazilian Giant Blonde (Nhandu tripepii)


  • Common name: Brazilian Giant Blonde
  • Scientific name: Nhandu tripepii
  • Type: New world, terrestrial, burrowing
  • Temperature: 25 – 27°C
  • Humidity: 65 – 70%
  • Adult Size: 15 – 18cm
  • Current Size: 2cm

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The Brazilian Giant Blonde Tarantula (Nhandu tripepii) is a large terrestrial species that can be found in the State of Para, Brazil. It is a very large, robust, attractive and hairy tarantula species reaching 18 – 20 cm in leg span. Nhandu tripepii, formerly Vitalius vulpinus, was recently renamed to Nhandu tripepii. The Brazilian Giant Blonde tarantula is very large and stocky. They make a good display animal as they tend to sit out in the open as adults, juveniles often burrow but they become bolder as they grow (probably something to do with the huge size they get to!). They can be aggressive and like to flick hairs without much provocation. A force to be reckoned with but a super spider to own.


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