Exo Terra Analog Thermometer

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The Exo Terra Thermometer monitors temperature levels effectively and easily. It comes equipped with the option to monitor the temperature of your terrarium in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. The Exo Terra Thermometer is easy to read and install. Maintaining the proper temperature and humidity levels in a terrarium is vital for the well-being and health of all reptiles and amphibians. Exo Terra has developed a complete line of terrarium accessories, including the Exo Terra Thermometer that will help you monitor and maintain proper temperature and humidity levels for tropical, rainforest and desert environment.


Key Features

  • Thermometer for reptile habitats.
  • Measures temperature levels Fahrenheit and Celcuis scales.
  • Mounts easily on smooth surfaces.
  • Accurate and easy to read.
  • For monitoring terrarium temperature levels
  • Easy to read and install

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