Exo Terra Infrared Basking Spot NANO 25W


  • Key Features:
    • Excellent 24-hour heat source.
    • Gives infrared heat, essential for activity and digestion.
    • Increases the total air temperature in the terrarium
    • Will not disrupt the physical activity patterns of your animal
    • Ideal for nocturnal observation of your animals
    • 25 W

The Exo Terra infrared Basking Spot NANO transmits infrared heat waves and is an excellent 24-hour heat source for smaller terrariums. The soft infrared heat produced by the special filament of this lamp penetrates deeply into the skin, muscles, nerves and bones.


This infrared Nano has a built-in reflector that can be targeted in a specific area for hot spots and temperature gradients.


When used as a 24-hour heat source, the reddish light will not disturb your animal’s physical activity, allowing you to observe your crepuscular and nocturnal reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates at night.