Mexican Red Rump (Brachypelma vagans)


  • Common name: Mexican Red Rump
  • Scientific name: Brachypelma vagans
  • Type: New World, Terrestrial
  • Temperature: 25 – 27°C
  • Humidity: 60 – 65%
  • Adult Size: 14 – 16cm
  • Current Size: Sling

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Brachypelma vagans is a species of tarantula known commonly as the Mexican red rump or Mexican black velvet and is a great beginners tarantula. It ranges predominantly in Mexico (including the Yucatán Peninsula), but is also found in Central America. They are terrestrial, burrowing spiders. The reason for the name red rump is because of its distinctive red hairs on its abdomen. Like most tarantulas, they will eat anything they can overpower, which is usually insects, but small lizards and rodents may also be consumed. They can grow up to a solid 16cm leg span, with males typically being smaller and thinner than the females. They prefer scrubland habitats.



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