At Ultimate Exotics we specialise in wholesaling reptiles, feeder foods and reptile related products to pet shops around South Africa. We are a one-stop wholesaler for pet stores looking to stock everything they need that is reptile related. From the quality captive bred reptiles bred by us, feeder foods and the largest range of quality reptile products that are sourced locally and imported.


If you are interested in a wholesale catalog and price list please contact us on Tel: 031 763 4054, Cell: 083 785 4054 or email: reptiles@ultimateexotics.co.za or sales@ultimateexotics.co.za

Our Ultimate Exotics delivery vehicle delivering reptile products and feeder foods  to our local pet stores.

Our pet store packaging for mealworms and super worms. All our worms are fed and raised on the highest quality diet, ensuring that they are gut loaded and ready to be fed to your animals. Ultimate Exotics also supplies Crickets and Roaches to the pet stores, contact us now for a price list.

Our frozen rodent packs for pet stores. All rodents are fed the highest quality available rodent feed from Avi-products, ensuring that our rodents are of premium quality.

Ultimate Exotics Frozen Rodent Packs