Asian Fawn Tarantula (Chilobrachys huahini)


  • Common name: Asian Fawn Tarantula
  • Scientific name: Chilobrachys huahini
  • Type: Old World, Fossorial
  • Temperature: 24-28°C
  • Humidity: 60 – 80%
  • Adult Size: 14 to 15cm
  • Current Size: 2cm


The Asian Fawn is a fast growing, super-fast moving old world tarantula species, like many of their cousins, they are also fossorial and tend to allot of their time in their burrow, except late at night or when on the prowl for a meal.


Make sure there’s a good deal of horizontal space with a good few centimetres of substrate to facilitate burrowing. They’re known to be heavy webbers as well so set up your enclosure with that in mind. Humidity should be on the humid side, including misting to damp one side of the substrate and a water dish that always has some water available. These spiders are relatively quick growers and generally have a ravenous appetite. Feeding an appropriately sized cricket or two once a week will suffice.


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