African Fat-tails. Questions & Answers

Question: I have recently purchased an African Fat-tailed Gecko and was told to keep it the same way as you would keep a Leopard Gecko.


Breeding Rosy Boas

Question: I want to breed my Rosy Boas in about a year’s time when they will be big enough. I have heard that you breed


The Banana Ball Python (Coral Glow) Morph

This is a remarkable mutation, and probably one of the most sought-after morphs in the Ball Python world. Over the years, especially when this morph


The Bingo Ball Python

Article by Rolf Dennison This is an exciting story of a new Ball Python morph that we have proved out at Ultimate Exotics. It happened


Feeding Frozen/Thawed vs Live

This is quite a debatable topic. Many keepers and breeders of reptiles and other exotic pets have different points of views and preferences on whether

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