May/June 2017 Ultimate Exotics

  • Black House Snakes
  • Axanthic Ball Python
  • The Angolan Python
  • Snake Shedding
  • Tarantula Molting
  • Pet Or Pest
  • Breeder Most Wanted


This issue is out of print but is now available as a digital issue on all platforms! CLICK HERE to purchase a digital copy of this issue!

The Ultimate Reptile and Exotic pet Magazine!

40 full colour pages with up-to-date information on:

  • The Care and Management of Reptiles and Exotic pets
  • Care and Breeding of Reptiles, Amphibians, Arachnids and Other Exotic Pets
  • Health and Disease
  • Up to Date Information from Reptiles and Exotics Pet Breeders
  • Latest News
  • Reptile and Exotic Pet Products for Sale

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