Mealworm Poo Fertilizer – 2 litre (1kg)

Item #: MEA006



Mealworm poo (frass) is what’s left over after the worms eat wheat bran and vegetables. This ‘poop’ is a dry, sand-like substance that makes a great and affordable fertilizer!


Mealworm poo contains all the natural elements to make your soil rich and productive without any chemical ingredients. It is not harmful for water run-off into lakes or streams. Our Mealworm Poo is impurity free and contains no additives. Easy to use, there is no smell at all, wet or dry, simply because our mealworms are never fed animal compost or droppings — they are raised only on wheat bran, multivitamins, minerals and organic vegetables.


Mealworm frass is the perfect fertilizer for all of your flowers, plants, vegetables or lawn care in a highly concentrated form.


Nitrogen – 4.17%

Phosphorus – 2.70%

Potash – 1.64%

Sodium – 62.9mg/100gms

Iron – 26.5mg/100gms

PH 7.25


Take one or two teaspoonful for plant or flower use, sprinkle evenly then water, or spread dry frass using a fertilizer spreader. For best results mix with soil.

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