The Orange Dream Morph in Ball Pythons

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As many of you in the reptile hobby will have noticed, the Ball Python market is currently a hot topic in South Africa and the rest of the world. New mutations are showing up all the time and South African breeders, including ourselves at Ultimate Exotics, have already bred out new world-first morphs. Due to the popularity of this species in the reptile trade, in each issue of Ultimate Exotics we do something that covers Ball Pythons in order to keep all those Ball Python crazy hobbyists happy!

A great example of a new morph that has created a worldwide sensation when it comes to the amazing combos it produces is the Orange Dream morph, which was first proved out by Ozzy Boids. This morph, in my opinion, just shows how a co-dominant mutation, which by itself may seem not that different, can create some of the world’s most impressive combinations. Here is the story of the orange dream, and we will also take a look at some of the mind-blowing orange dream morph combinations. This is part of the story on how this new morph was discovered.

The Orange Dream was a gene that many people didn’t see coming. I was one of the people that thought they look sort of normal and was indifferent about having one in my collection. Then all of a sudden these great combinations started coming out, demonstrating that Orange Dream is one of the most dynamic new genes out there to work with. For example, look at what an incredible combo you have with the Super Orange Dream Fire Spider combo. It is a mind-blowing combo and results in one of the most sought after Ball Python combo morphs in the Ball Python world!

Let’s take a look at the story of the Orange Dream from the founder of this morph, Ozzy Boids: “This mutation started out with a captive hatched female that I obtained in 2002 from my friend Ian Gniazdowski. This female had that banded look and I took her for nothing more than a cool normal at the time. I raised her up and over time I noticed that she was very different and loaded with Orange colouration. Her sides had the look of a Pastel with a lot of Orange Colour, especially around the tail. As she grew I suspected more and more that she was Genetic and not your typical banded animal. An old friend of mine that used to breed balls and boas stopped over my house one day and we were looking at and talking about Ball morphs. I showed him this cool Orange female and jokingly told him she would make me a million bucks and he replied, “keep dreaming.” From that day on I called her the “Orange Dream.”

In 2004 I bred her to a Het Albino male and she laid 4 eggs. They hatched and I produced the first two Orange Dreams, a pair to boot! They looked just like Mom and I knew I had a dominant gene and began praying that there would be a Super form. Since then I have gotten two clutches of Orange Dream to Orange Dream, both small, and after having a few eggs go bad I hatched a total of 7 eggs with no Super.”

The Orange Dream Morph is a co-dominant morph (like the more common pastel morph) which means that when you breed it to a normal, 50% of the offspring can result in being Orange Dream. As it is a co-dominant morph (meaning there is a super form) when you breed an Orange Dream to an Orange Dream you will get a 25% chance of getting a Super Orange Dream!

Let’s have a look at how a co-dominant Orange Dream Morph works when bred back to Orange Dream and with normal ball pythons. These are examples based on a litter of 4 eggs. This model works on all co-dominant genes.

Homozygote (Super Orange Dream) – means one pair of identical genes.
Heterozygote (Orange Dream) – means one pair of non-identical gene alleles. Alleles are different versions of the same gene.

Heterozygote X Normal
Orange Dream x Normal = Orange Dream; Orange Dream; Normal; Normal

Heterozygote x Heterozygote
Orange Dream x Orange Dream = Super Orange Dream; Orange Dream; Orange Dream; Normal

Homozygote x Normal
Super Orange Dream x Normal = Orange Dream; Orange Dream ; Orange Dream; Orange Dream

Super Orange dream pinstripe
Super Orange dream pinstripe

Homozygote x Heterozygote
Super Orange Dream x Orange Dream = Super Orange Dream; Super Orange Dream; Orange Dream; Orange Dream

Homozygote x Homozygote
Super Orange Dream x Super Orange Dream = Super Orange Dream; Super Orange Dream; Super Orange Dream; Super Orange Dream

I hope this break down helps you understand how co-dominant genes work.

If you are serious about Ball Python morphs and you do not have the Orange Dream in your collection, you need it. The Orange Dream is far too powerful a morph to be without and I am excited to see what the future holds for the Orange Dream.”

The first Orange Dream Spider
The first Orange Dream Spider

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