Breeding with your Tarantula

monocentropus_balfouri__mating___4_There comes a time in every Tarantula owners life where they decide that it’s time to breed with their pet. This could be for several reasons. The most common reason being because breeding your tarantulas is where you want to take your new hobby.

Whatever the reason may be its always difficult finding a matching tarantula with the same maturity as your tarantula, that isn’t already gravid. This is to say if you can find a tarantula of that same species in the opposite sex. Our rare tarantula collectors will agree that finding a match for rare tarantulas especially, is near impossible. Yes, sure you might have a male of the same species available, but the male and female you have, have already been paired up together before, this leads to a second introduction and the death of the male.

Tarantula SA specializes in finding the rare tarantulas. Faced with this breeding problem Tarantula SA has created South Africa’s first ever breeding program for tarantulas. The breeding loan listing is a new and brilliant way to connect to different breeders and collectors throughout South Africa, welcoming all breeders to the site to list even their gravid tarantulas. This allows us to boost your sales through referencing clients requesting those hard-to-find tarantulas, as well as finding a breeding partner for your mature male and female tarantula, for the next season.

The breeding loan listing as shown on is easy to use and free. The system includes connecting to a database that has continued to grow exponentially over the past months. In the months of September to October 2012 Tarantula SA boasted a database of over 70 tarantulas within the second month of launching the breeding program. This number is growing every week and already matches have been found successfully.

Ephebopus murinus mating
Ephebopus murinus mating


A downloadable PDF file is available to show what general tarantulas are available at present in the breeding program. This is updated every month showing new tarantulas available as well as taking away the tarantulas that are gravid and/or not applicable anymore. This makes it easy to see if you will potentially have a match within the first week of listing your tarantulas. Francois a talented breeder from Tarantula Trader listed his tarantulas with us and after a few short weeks’ has already received a wanted mature male Red Rump and an even more wanted mature male Pink Zebra Beauty. Francois still uses the system happy with its performance. With any breeding situation there is always a certain amount of risk involved. This risk is especially true for any mature male tarantula owner. Mature males could potentially be eaten by the female during breeding. Tarantula SA knows this is an active risk and as a result we have included a risk system in the breeding program. The risk system tells the owner of the mature male tarantula, of the reliability of the breeder that has the tarantula you want to breed with. This allows the owner of the mature male tarantula to weigh in the risks of the breeding loan. Before a risk level is given a test breeding loan is sent out. This risk system is based on five major key points.

• The overall result of the loan and ease at which it was performed
• The amount of details exchanged during the loan (this includes pictures sent and status of the male)
• Quality of facilities ( Where applicable)
• T he overall success of the breeding
• Safe return of the Male Tarantula The breeding loan listing is the easiest way to connect with fellow collectors and breeders in SA. , welcomes everyone to list their tarantulas with as many details as possible to provide high quality service and fast results to all collectors and breeders alike. Francois from Tarantula Trader, currently holding the highest reliability in breeding, has A simple yet effective setup. Note that there is only a small moist patch present provided details on frequently asked questions on our site in PDF form. This is downloadable from the breeding loans page on the site.

After becoming part of the breeding program you will be contacted within seven working day period. If you have any queries or concerns before or after that time feel free in contacting Tarantula SA directly through the Contact Us page. Tarantula SA asks all breeders to list their mature tarantulas gravid or not.

Breeding Brachypelma klaasi
Breeding Brachypelma klaasi

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