March/April 2013 Editorial

Mice! Who has mice? There has been a serious shortage of mice and rats at the beginning of this year. The shortage has come about mostly due to the change in ownership of one of the major feeder food suppliers in KZN, which has resulted in many of our snakes missing a few meals: definitely not ideal! This shortage will hopefully come to an end soon as the new owners are building up and expanding their rodent breeding operation in order to fill all our demands and any future growing demands. This shortage has unfortunately resulted in the mice that are available being very expensive and it has also resulted in the drop of sales in snakes as customers do not want to buy an animal that they have trouble getting food for! So as mentioned lets hope this comes to an end soon!

The first reptile expo of the year will be held on the 1st and 2nd of March in Randburg, and I hope many of you are able to make it. It is such a great chance to buy some cool exotic animals, even if it is your first time buying a reptile or tarantula. For the more serious guys you can get some great stock at the best prices. Even if you are not buying, it is great to visit, look around and chat to some like-minded people!

We really like to thank everyone out there who is buying and reading the Ultimate Exotics. We consider this magazine as being your (the readers) magazine, and if you have any feed back or suggestions, please let us know. I would also like to appeal to all the readers that have a local pet store that keeps reptiles and other exotic pets but does not stock the Ultimate Exotics to let us know so that we can contact them about stocking the magazine. Send me an email on, give me a call on 031 763 4054 or SMS me on 083 785 4054.

We have some really great books in stock and for sale online, so now is a good time to expand your knowledge on breeding and keeping our weird and wonderful reptiles and exotic pets. All books are for sale online at

As you can see by our front cover, our feature article is on the rare and beautiful Satanic Leaf-tail Gecko. These Geckos are a new addition to our hobby in South Africa and we hope to see these more of this species in the near future! We also have some an article on the Purple Mangrove Viper, along with some excellent photos by Graeme Lotter, who is a well know local breeder who deals with this species. We hope you enjoy the issue! Happy herping and happy reading! For more reading you can purchase this issue here.

The Editor


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