2kg Avi-Plus Rodent Cubes

Item #: ROD21-1-1


  • Weight: 2kgs


The ideal food for feeder rodents!


Avi-Plus Rodent cubes are extruded and therefore completely cooked and digestible. This means there is no waste as one gets with compressed pellets and that means there are no vitamins and minerals left behind.


Avi-Plus Rodent Cubes contain higher levels of vitamins, trace elements and minerals. This means the feeder rodents are gut-loaded ensuring a carry over to the reptiles to which they are fed.


Avi-Plus rodent cubes are sterilised during extrusion and therefore if handled hygienically will ensure that the rodent colony remain in an excellent state of health.


Avi-Plus Rodent Cubes fed to your rodent colony, are an investment in the health and wellbeing of your reptiles.


At our rodent breeding facility at Ultimate Exotics we only feed Avi-Plus rodent cubes insuring that our feeder rodents are fed the best food and therefore are in the best possible condition. This ultimately insures that our reptiles are fed the best possible feeder rodents and are in the best condition. After much research of trying different rodent cube brands we could not compare the health of our rodents and the fact there was no food wastage when we used Avi-Plus rodents cubes. We won’t go back to using any other brand.

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