Bamboo Feeding Tweezers – 16.5cm

Item #: TWE007


  • Material: Eco-friendly Bamboo, light and flexible.

  • Length: 16.5cm. Long tongs to protect fingers from getting bitten. 

  • Excellent grip to handle the most squiggly worms and insects.

  • The Bamboo tweezers can keeps fingers from open mouths, and are more hygienic than fingers



  1. Rounded tips minimise injury to mouth
  2. Slanted tips provide optimal angle when feeding
  3. Better hygiene than using your hands
  4. Great for handling: Superworms, Mealworms, Wax worms, Roaches, Crickets,
  5. Fruit flies and other live foods.


Bamboo Feeding Tweezers – 16.5cm – Great grip to hold Crickets, Superworms, Mealworms and other feeder insects for reptiles such as Geckos, Bearded Dragons, Iguanas, Lizards etc.

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