Brazilian Blue (Pterinopelma sazimai)



  • Current Size: Sling (1cm)

These tarantulas are a deep navy to indigo blue over all the body, with bright red highlight setae on their abdomen. Truly a stunning species. They are reminiscent of Greenbottle Blues (Chromatopelma cyanopubescens) but are much deeper, darker blue all over (including their abdomen) and have red highlight setae on their abdomen rather than orange. The males look like females until they mature, at which point, they take on more green tones. the head is a more metallic green than a Greenbottle blue, and the femurs have some greens mixed in with the blues. The legs are not as intense deep blue as the females, but are still blue. And the rump is red instead of the bright orange of a Greenbottle blue. Still a striking animal.

These gorgeous tarantulas are considered related to the Lasiodoras, but do not possess stridulating hairs, and do not attain to the size of Lasiodoras. They are a beautiful addition to a collection.

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