Dried Mealworms 125grams

Item #: MEA009


Our high quality oven dried mealworms are an ideal and nutritious feeder food for garden birds, cage birds, chickens, softbills and other pets such as reptiles, fish and small mammals.

Guaranteed Analysis:

  • 53% Protein
  • 28% Fat
  • 6% Fiber
  • 5% Moisture


Directions for use: Mealworms are used to feed a variety of different animals, from reptiles and fish to hedgehogs, wild birds to pet poultry. It has often been said that using dried mealworms in your bird feeder will attract a wider variety of wild birds and you can rest assured that what you are feeding them is 100% natural and packed with all the best nutrients, providing a sort after high-energy protien snack!


Ultimate Exotics premium dried mealworms are locally bred 100% organically fed mealworms ensuring they are the healthiest, best quality mealworms packed with the best nutrition for your garden birds and pets!


Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


WARNING: These mealworms are intended for feeding pets and are not intended for human consumption.

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