Frozen Rodents


Ultimate Exotics also specialises in supplying frozen rodents to pet stores, breeders and directly to the public. All rodents are fed the highest quality available rodent feed from Avi-products, ensuring that our rodents are of premium quality.

All our rodents are born and raised on site, so we know they’ve been raised in a healthy environment and were euthanized humanely. We only use gaseous carbon dioxide, which is quick and painless for the animals.

Frozen mice are the easy and convenient way to feed your reptiles or birds.

If you are looking at purchasing frozen rodents please contact us on Tel: 031 763 4054 or email: or and we can give you a quote.

Please note depending on where you live delivery of livestock may occur extra costs. Please contact us for more information.

Please read our terms and conditions of buying livestock online.

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