Mius Smart Rain Forest Spray System



Package Included

  • 2 misting nozzles
  • 5m tubing
  • Touch screen display with built in pump
  • Water filter intake. (Fits in a 5L water bottle)
  • Cutting tool
  • Clips for tubing
  • 3 way fitting
  • Elbow fitting.


This awesome and super compact device is a misting system. Perfect for live vivariums and other applications when you want an automatic misting system.

The system works in an hourly loop and you can set up to 24 hours. Spray duration can be as little as 5 sec or set up to 60 sec with 5 sec increments. You can also manually mist as needed by turning it on at the touch screen. If these time option don’t work for you you can connect this device to a timer to turn on once every few days or different hours etc.

This device has built in memory so as to not loose settings once unplugged or after load shedding.

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