Reptile Calcium Without D3 115gram

Item #: SUP012


  • 115 grams
  • High quality ultra fine calcium carbonate supplement
  • Without Vitamin D3
  • Zero phosphorus


Directions for use:

Ultimate Exotics Reptile calcium is an ideal source of calcium for all reptiles. Our calcium is a high quality ultra fine calcium carbonate supplement with zero phosphorus. 

Using it is easy! Simply dust your feeder insects or sprinkle over vegetables and feed as per usual. 


How often? Calcium can be fed 2-3 times per week. For some species of reptiles this calcium can be left in a small dish at all times for direct consumption.


Why use reptile calcium without D3?

If you are keeping diurnal reptiles with the correct UVB lights or they are being kept mostly outside and are being exposed to natural sunlight your pet reptile will be making all the vitamin D3 its body will need. Using a calcium supplement with D3 can result in too much vitamin D3 as it will be coming from two sources. This could result in an overdose of this vitamin which could effect the health of your reptile. So if your reptile is getting the right amount of UVB then our plain calcium without D3 will be perfect to use. 


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