Reptile Incubator

Item #: INC001


  • Cage Size: 63cm long x 45cm wide x 45cm high
  • Ideal incubator for gecko and snake eggs.
  • The shelf on which the tubs are placed for incubation is made of expanded aluminium in an aluminium frame which has been all powder coated white.
  • The controller sensor is located in a copper tube (powder coated white) that is attached to the aluminium shelf to ensure that the eggs in the bottom tubs are not exposed to a temperature higher than the set temperature.
  • The sliding doors are made of micro foamed PVC to ensure optimum insulation.
  • The volume above the shelf available for incubating tubs is 88 litres. In practical terms this means that you can put 20 x 2 litre ice-cream tubs with Bearded Dragon eggs or Cornsnake eggs in the incubator and still have ample space for warm air to circulate between the tubs. For the gecko breeders this means you can have 96 x 250ml tubs, each with two eggs.



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