Reptile UVB Meter



  • Ideal for testing your UVB bulbs to ensure they are giving off the correct amount of UVB for your reptiles.
  • This device will also allow you to ensure that the distance from your UVB light to your reptile is correct and you can then adjust accordingly.
  • Test your uvb light to ensure it hasn’t expired and is still giving off sufficient amounts of UVB for your reptile.


  • Probe material: UV glass
  • Size(approx): 160 x 75 x 30mm (H*L*W)
  • Response for Spectrum: 280-320nm
    for Peak for : λp=300nm
  • Measuring interval: 0-1999μW/cm2
  • Resolution: 1μW/cm2
  • Response time: T≤0.5s
  • Measurement accuracy: ±10%
  • Battery: Two AA batteries (not included)

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The Reptile UVB meter is designed for UVB light testing. This testing device comes with a green and orange rubber case to protect the instrument from rough handling.

LCD display screen helps to read the test result clearly, this device is highly accurate with very small margin for error.

It is easy to use, just open the front protection buckle, point the device at your UVB light at the certain distance you would like to test and press the button to get the UVB radiation value.

This device is widely used for daily UVB testing of all types of reptile uvb lights, effectively helping you to choose the best angle and distance of your UVB light and to ensure your bulb is giving off the correct amount of UVB for your reptiles.

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