ReptiZoo Infrared Heat Lamp 50W

Item #: RLR7050


  • Wattage: 50W
  • Produces far infrared rays
  • Effectively provides an overall temperature source in the reptile habitat
  • Infrared heat lamps are the most ideal “round-the-clock” heating source because it does not influence the normal Circadian Cycle of reptile pets.
  • The best selection of a heat source for observing nocturnal reptiles.

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REPTI ZOO specially designs and adjusts infrared heat bulbs with the goal to provide a quality heat source for reptiles.


The reflection light of the heat producing lamp improves the temperature on the reptile skin surface and also under the surface. This heat improves the reptile’s appetite and helps the digestion of food.  It has been proven that the infrared ray source may accelerate the rehabilitation of injuries (such as non-infectious wound) of various reptile pets and rapidly and effectively relieve pain.


The far infrared ray heating lamp has many advantages because the resulting vasodilation accelerate blood circulation in the reptile’s skin. There is no doubt that the far infrared ray heat accelerates the transmission speed of metabolites and other necessary biochemical compounds. In addition, the ceramic emitters generate a deep source of natural heat and produce gentle and comfortable heating effects.

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