Item #: SPR001


Springtails are tiny insects (Less than 2mm in length) which are widely considered as a great “Clean up crew”. They are completely harmless to your pets and can often be used as a food source for various small frogs and other creatures.

Through their consumption of fungus and other organic waste elements generated in your enclosure, Springtails produce their own waste which is great for planted vivarium’s and terrariums to sustain the health and growth of your plants. They are very useful for keeping your live vivariums clean, free of fungus and other weird growth that would attract more pests, mites and unwanted creepy crawlies from making their home in your enclosures.

There are many reasons why springtails are one of the most popular micro species inside of natural enclosures:

Springtails are a critical part of a bio-active terrarium environment and they are incredibly fast breeders. These guys will clean up all the decaying plant matter, mold, fungi, algae pet food and even your pets faeces! Most of which can become problems for bio-active vivariums. They are widely known as a term called “Micro-fauna” which can become an integral part of your bio active environment. Making it easier for you to keep your tanks more naturalistic and clean with less effort. With enough springtails you can make your enclosure not only look more natural but actually become more natural.

Springtails not only clean the enclosures, they actually fertilize the soil which in turn creates a much healthier enclosure for your pets. They are easy to care for as well as to cultivate if provided with a moist environment with food. Spring tails are often used as food for many frog species.

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