Infrared Temperature Gun/Thermometer

Item #: THE001


  • Easy and accurate way of measuring temperatures in your reptiles enclosure
  • Also designed for human use, to check for high temperatures
  • Great for double checking hot spots in your animals cage and double checking egg and incubator temperatures
  • Essential tool for all reptile keepers, we use ours all the time, as temperature is one of the most important factors in reptile husbandry!
  • 9 volt battery not included



Model: DT – 8018

Accuracy Human : ±0.3°C

Accuracy Industry : ±2% or 2°C

Distance Spot Radio Human : 5 – 15cm

Distance Spot Radio Industry :12:1

Data Recall: 32 Sets

Data Hold Function:  Yes

Emissivity: 0.95(Preset)

Response Time Wavelength: 500ms (8-14)um

Repeatability: ±1% or±1°C

Resolution: 0.1 °C or 0.1°F

Item condition: Brand New

C/F unit selectable

Laser ON/OFF selectable table

Back light ON/OFF selec table

20 seconds auto Power Off function

Celsius/Fahrenheit switchable

Equipped with a laser for aiming

LCD backlight

Light weight and easy operation

Measurement Temperature range:-50°C~380°C (-58°F~716°F).

DC9V battery operation (Battery Not Included).

Backlight selection, enable you see the temperature display at night

Press and hold the button, this thermometer will read current surface temperature in 0.5 second. Help you measures face/forehead temperature or hot, hazardous difficult to reach object without contact.

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