Ultimate Exotics Temperature Controller

Item #: TEM010


  • Model: AC-118
  • Easy to use plug and play design
  • Comes with a plug adapter so all you have to do is connect your heating pad, light or heat emitter.
  • LED display
  • COOL/HEAT output
  • EU standard socket
  • Flame retardant shell
  • Button sound
  • Acrylic panel (easy to customize)



  • Temperature measuring range: -40~100°C
  • Temperature controlling range: 16~40°C (This is the only difference with RC-112R)
  • Resolution: 0.1°C
  • Accuracy: ±1°
  • Input: 1 NTC sensor(waterproof)
  • Sensor wire: approx. 80cm (standard), waterproof.
  • Output: resistive load≤1100W/220V, inductive load≤275W/220V, filament lamp≤220W/220v
  • Consumption: ≤3 w
  • Product: 135.2×55.4×39(mm);
  • Ambient requirements: temperature: -10~60°C; humidity: 20~85% (No condensate)


This compact, easy to use plug and play Ultimate Exotics temperature controller is the ideal solution when it comes to controlling the heat in your reptiles enclosure. Saving you higher electricity bills and always ensuring that your reptiles hot spot is at it’s ideal temperature giving you piece of mind and making sure your pet reptile is always happy!

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