Bio Kill – Pet Care (Mite Spray)

Item #: MED004


  • 375ml


Any mite spray must be used with care. We find this product much safer to use on snakes than other flea and tick treatments, and we have heard of no problems when using this product on snakes. Make sure to follow the procedure below.

Remove snake from enclosure and give a light spray over the snakes body being carfeul not to spray any on the snakes face and eyes. Take a cloth and wipe and spread the liquid over the snakes body, if mites are present on the head you can then also wipe the liquid over the snakes head. Place snake in a plastic tub with a open lid or mesh top to allow plenty of ventilation (very important). Clean out snakes enclosure and spray it down with bio kill, also spray any of the cage decorations. Close the cage and allow it to dry. After about an hour you can open the cage and let it air out.

Spray your snake lightly with water and wipe it down to remove any of the remaining bio kill, then place it back in it’s enclosure. Make sure to use newspaper as a substrate until you are sure there are no mites left. Keep a close eye one your snakes if you see mites again in a few days repeat the process until no mites are seen.

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