Double Dome Lamp Fixture

Item #: LFD01


  • 20cm high x 14.5cm wide x 28.5cm long
  • Equipped with 2 separately switches with different functions, one can just control the on/off like the uvb reptile light, the other one can adjust the brightness or temperature with a dimmer switch.
  • Heat dissipation holes & ventilation holes on the top, can effectively dissipate heat during use.
  • The fixture is made of high-quality iron and equipped with ceramic lamp holders with strong heat resistance, can guarantee a long-service-life.


This lighting dome is ideal for providing UVB and Heat for your reptiles in screen top cages. You can use it for both a uvb compact fluorescent bulb and a day time basking spot. Make sure the lamp is placed securely on the screen top or wire cage.

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