EDK III High Power LED Grow Light – 47cm

Item #: LED24W18inch


  • Full Spectrum Grow Light
  • Ideal for growing plants in live vivariums
  • High Brightness 110 Lumen
  • Utilises self-cooling technology. No excess heat in your vivarium and LEDs last longer.
  • 6400K Spectrum
  • Epistar Chips
  • 47cm/24W


This high output LED strip light is designed to simulate natural sun light and maximize overall performance for all indoor horticultural applications.

This grow light is the perfect grow light for your vivariums and will not only display the beautiful colours of your plants but it will also help display the incredible colours of your reptiles on display in your vivariums. 

The advanced self cooling technology ensures the longevity of your LED power bar grow light, and its low profile linkable configuration makes it perfect for small and large grow spaces alike. Get the best possible lighting for your indoor garden and simply grow better!

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