LuckyHerp 10.0 UVB Fluorescent Bulb 37cm/14W

Item #: T8UVB10.014W


  •  Wattage: 15W
  • Length: 37.5cm
  • Dimension: T8
  • 10.0 UVB tubes are designed specifically for desert dwelling reptiles.
  • Desert environments are sunny and arid with less vegetation and trees and therefore exposed to higher levels of sunlight and UVB rays.
  • This tube is effective for UVB induced photo conversion of vitamin D3 in your reptiles skin
  • Provides necessary UVB rays for optimal calcium metabolism
  • It helps to support bone health by promoting appropriate calcium absorption


Main functions of UVB tube: Promotes the production of Vitamin D3 and promotes calcium absorption.  Vitamin D3 is an important component of calcium metabolism in reptile pets. Vitamin D3 production and calcium absorption resulting in healthy skeletal tissue.


UVB 10.0 is applicable to reptiles living in tropical desert zone, such as: Bearded Dragons, Tortoises, Uromastyx and other reptile dwelling reptiles.


UVB 10.0 Induces the activation of vitamin D3 that combines with calcium powder to promote the transformation of calcium in bone and blood (calcium absorption); UVA (33%) Improves appetite, promotes animal’s activity to induce mating behavior.

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