Purple Earth Tiger (Cyriopagopus Sp. hati hati)


  • Common name: Purple Earth Tiger
  • Scientific name: Cyriopagopus Sp. hati hati
  • Type: Old World, Arboreal
  • Temperature: 24 – 28°C
  • Humidity: 70 – 80%
  • Adult Size: 13 – 15cm
  • Current Size: 1.5cm

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Widely popular as the Purple Earth Tiger, the Cyriopagopus sp hati hati is a spectacular old-world tarantula with dark purplish hues along its body. This tarantula features dark, multi-coloured femurs and a striking, more light-coloured carapace. As spiderlings, they build small webbed burrows at the base of trees and rocks. Over time, they assume the full characteristics of arboreal bird spiders. Since they are old-world tarantulas, the Purple Earth Tiger might not be an ideal pet for newbie hobbyists. You can, however, pet them if you’re already experienced in handling old world bird spiders.


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