Reptile Clamp Lamp – Dimming

Item #: HEA022


  • Flex Arm Length: 28cm
  • Two prong plug
  • Clamp for placement on the enclosure
  • Ceramic fitting to handle the heat from heat bulbs and heat emitters
  • Dimming controller, allowing you to adjust the heat of your heat bulb/emitter to the ideal temperature that you need for your reptile


This clamp lamp is ideal for providing light/heat for your reptiles in screen top cages or open aquarium cages. You can use it either for a uvb compact fluorescent bulb or you can use it for day time or night time basking spot. Make sure the clamp lamp is clamped securely to the glass or cage. What makes it ideal for heat lamps is that it has a dimming controller that can dim your heat lamp, which allows you to be able to adjust it to the ideal temperature for the reptile that you are keeping.

This arbitrary rotation lamp is sleek, modern and fully adjustable, the gooseneck arm allows easy positioning of the head. There are two hanging methods, you can clip it on the table, or hang on the wall. Widely Use Reptile clamp lamp can be equipped with light bulb, ceramic heaters, UVA, UVB lamps, infrared emitters, etc. Flex Arm Length: 28cm, Wire Length: 1.5m

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