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  • SAARK (South African Association of Reptile Keepers). Please see mission statement under the description section below.
  • For members that support legal responsible keeping and/or provides services or products for the industry.
  • Membership is R150 per annum.
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The South African Association of Reptile Keepers (SAARK) is a professional registered NPC committed to advancing science, education and conservation efforts related to the responsible legal ownership and trade of retiles and amphibians.

We advocate for adherence to sensible enclosure standards, proper husbandry practices, escape prevention protocols and the promotion of animal health and wellness, while also addressing critical conservation issues.

Our mission includes providing educational material to the public and fostering collaboration among professionals and hobbyists in the reptile community. We aim to facilitate cooperation between governmental bodies, the scientific community and the private sector to develop effective policy proposals regarding husbandry and conservation matters.

Additionally we seek to safeguard the rights of our industry and members within legal frameworks and to address any challenge posed. Our overarching priorities include ensuring the welfare of animals, promoting public safety and preserving ecological balance. SAARK strives to unite both professional and hobbyist reptile enthusiasts under a common purpose.

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