Vapona Strip – 104gram

Item #: MED009


  • 104gram


Vapona is a very successful remedy against mites and also unwanted flies, ants and cockroaches which might be a nuisance in your snake or reptile room or incubators. Vapona is effective for up to 90 days.

All Vapona products are safe for use near people, reptiles and domestic animals, due to the low concentration of its active ingredient, a pesticide known as Dichlorvos (DDVP).

Using gloves when handling these agricultural strips can be cut into smaller blocks and placed in a small plastic container with holes in it which prevents the reptile from coming into direct contact with the Vapona Strip. This container with the Vapona block in it can then can be placed next to the snakes enclosure. After a few days the Vapona will kill off any mites within the area.

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